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We opened new shops
From 1st of April, Club One's card is valid in shops of Sadama Market
Sadama Market Outlet Clearance Sale starts tomorrow! Prices from 1€

Tallink Travel Retail

Fashionwear, jewellery, toys, gifts, alcoholic beverages, tobacco
Port of Tallinn, Terminal D, Lootsi 13, 1st floor
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 9:00-19:30; Tue 9:00-19:30


The store is located on the first floor lobby of Terminal D and is open for everyone - you can visit the store even if you’re not planning to travel. Here you can find fashionwear for women, men and children from established and well-known bands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Freequent, Esprit, Desigual, Soya Concept, Guess etc; bags, hats and scarves, accessories and toys, including Lego products.

The second half of the store features spirits and soft drinks, sweets and snacks. You can conveniently pre-order most of the goods on our website: You can pick up your packed goods from the counter of the spirits section
When travelling, take part in the popular consumer game “Collect and save”. With every purchase of at least 10 euros you can collect stickers which enable you to buy quality products with special discount prices.

Tallink Travel Retail

Travel goods, souvenirs, gifts, toys, jewellery, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, etc.
Port of Tallinn, Terminal D, Lootsi 13, 3rd floor
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 09:00-22:00; Tue 09:00-19:30


The traveller shop on the 3rd floor is a real shopping oasis with excellent views to the sea and the city, with wide selection of goods for all tastes, including gifts and souvenirs: quality travel bags from Wenger, skin care products, electronics, various alcoholic beverages, sweets, toys, fashion products, accessories for men and women, etc.  

Tallink Travel Café 

Port of Tallinn, Terminal D, Cafeterta, 3rd floor
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 06:30-22:00; Tue 6:30-19:30

In the Cafeteria on the 3rd floor you can make waiting for your boarding time extra comfortable – we offer salty and sweet snacks, refreshing and warm beverages and alcoholic drinks.

Tallink Travel Shop

Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, sweets, gifts, etc.
Uus-Sadama 19, Port of Tallinn area
Opening hours: Sun-Mon 10:00-22:00; Tue 10:00-19:00; Wed-Sat 10:00-19:00


The shop is open for all citizens and travellers. We offer a wide selection of soft drinks, sweets, light alcoholic beverages and spirits. You can conveniently pre-order all the products on our website: Parking is free for the clients of the store for 45 minutes at the parking area in front of the store. Always use your Club One card while shopping – by doing this you will collect valuable bonus points you can use for partial funding of your trips and for shopping at the Tallink e-shop.

Moe Outlet

Arsenal Keskus, Erika 14, Tallinn
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00

All the products have up to 70% discount from regular prices.  

From the Moe Outlet you’ll find products from established fashion brands such as Esprit, Tommy Hilfiger, Desigual, Vagabond, Mos Mosh, Diesel, Camel Active and Smashed Lemon for women and men. For the youngest of the family, we have the highly valued clothing brands for children - Mayoral and Lundmyr. You can choose between fashionable handbags by Fiorelli, Eternel, Urlika and Bulaggi to match your clothes. Trendy jewellery by Buckley London and SNÖ of Sweden will add a bright touch for your outfit. All the products have up to 70% discount from regular prices.  

Tallink Duty Free AS, 10179520, Sadama 7, Tallinn 10111 KMKR EE10020641

E-mail: | Lootsi 13, Tallinn 10151